Asia Pacific Architecture Forum

Architecture Media
Branding, Website Design, Front-end Dev, Craft CMS

Through exhibitions, installations, symposia, lectures and workshops, the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum explores the ways new world cities are responding to the opportunities and challenges of the Asian century.


When Architecture Media approached us to update the visuals on their existing Asia Pacific Architecture Forum website, we took the opportunity to recommend a complete overhaul of their branding and proposed a CMS change which would enable their content managers to more easily update the site.

While time and budget restraints made for a few late nights, the resulting branding and website easily grow with each corresponding forum.

Old logo.
New logo.


The first part of the process was to input all of the existing 2016 APAF content in to a fresh Craft CMS installation so we could easily see how the information related. Once this was done, the design process for both the branding and the new website began in tandem.

Header Image: Light surge, Michelle Xen, single channel video, 2018
2017 Artwork


The new website has been a resounding success for the Forum, with significantly increased numbers in traffic and ticket purchases and overwhelming interest from potential partners for the 2018 program.