Susan Lincoln

Branding, Website Design, Front-end Dev, Craft CMS

Susan Lincoln experiments with form and light within space. Her installations and objects act as a 'memento vivre' (reminders to live), and strive for an emotive experience to be shared between the viewer and the space.


Susan lacked a brand and impressive digital presence, necessary for professional recognition within her field. She wanted her brand to reflect the ethos of her art — restrained and sympathetic to form and light within space. Through a close inspection of Susan’s art and the way she dealt with her own work, it was decided the resulting brand would play with the ideas of light and time.

See the Pen S Mark by Ben (@bensomething) on CodePen.

Shadows are used in the static version to infer the passing of light, and the use of the secondary line and circle elements are subtly animated on the website, with their size, position, and style dictated by simple calculations based on the length of the artwork's name.


We were able to create a simple website for Susan that allowed her to showcase her growing collection of artworks and update the content easily.

This website also gives us the flexibility to add more functionality in the future, including commerce and more involved project pages. Tying the site's subtle interactions to a simple number means the supporting elements grow organically with the brand.